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[6 Feb 2015 | One Comment | ]
Guest Blog – Staying Sharp with E.S. Wynn

E.S. Wynn and I are both in the soon-to-be-released anthology, Fossil Lake ll – The Refossiling. I’m quite excited to have such a great (and prolific!) writer stop by to join the clattering with a bit of advice and some fresh new prompts.
Welcome, E.S.!

Staying Sharp
© 2015 E.S. Wynn, all rights reserved
In writing, as with any art, skill is honed through practice. To become better, a writer must turn the hobby of writing into a habit, one that is practiced every day, even if only for short periods. Regular exercise …

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[22 Dec 2014 | 5 Comments | ]
Guest Blogger – Vince Churchill

My first introduction to Vince Churchill was via The Funky Werepig, way back in 2009, and then in the Undead anthology series when I got my hands on them. I’m eagerly diving into Goodnight, My Sweet this weekend.
Very pleased to welcome Dark Recesses Press author Vince Churchill into the mirror – welcome, Vince!
Into the Blender
© 2014 Vince Churchill, all rights reserved
Okay, so, let’s get a couple of things straight right from the get-go. I consider my books to be movies for the written page. I really do. The second thing …

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[16 May 2014 | 5 Comments | ]
Guest Blog – An Interview With Mari Adkins

Posting the Guest Blog a wee bit early this month, to help celebrate the release of Mari Adkins’ novel of Kentucky coal-country vampire awakenings, Midnight.
Mari chose to do the self-interview, and has even included a glimpse at the characters from the book. Enjoy!

Q: What inspired you to write Midnight?
Mari: When I first got the idea for Midnight in late 1996, I knew I wanted to write a different kind of ‘vampire story’. I never meant for the story to be the typical vampires-are-demons, the embodiment of our worst fears, …

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[25 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Guest Blogger – Christine Morgan

Christine is one of those authors-slash-editors I’ve admired for years, and when I had the chance to work with her, I was over the moon. I’ve been privileged to be able to work with her as an author with her titles at Belfire, and as an editor (I co-authored a short story for the anthology Fossil Lake), and mostly, to call her my friend.
PS – it’s not Christine’s fault about last month, even though she’s graciously taking the blame… I forgot to put dates with the names on my list. …

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[21 Feb 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Guest Blogger – Samuel Wagar

I met Samuel Wagar online almost fifteen years ago, on an email list for pagans that had been following the path for 20+ years. I met him in person (finally!) at Gaia Gathering in Edmonton, in spring of 2005. What a weekend! Someday, I’d really love to have us all get together again…
In the meantime, welcome to the Mirror, Sam – glad to have you here!