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Writersphere – Birthday Prompt – 7-18-13

18 July 2013 No Comment

I’ve got a good one for you today, birthday themed, since as of today I’m just a year shy of being the answer to life, the universe and everything…. (if you figure that out, gold fngrrl/boi star!)

Actually, first person to post what I meant by that will have a character named after him/her in Windygates, my current WIP. So, go on…figure it out. It’s actually kind of easy!

Several characters (all friends, all born on the same day) are set to celebrate their birthdays in different ways. One person hates celebrating birthdays, another loves to throw extravagant parties, another likes to travel to a different country.

How do they come together and celebrate, while still respecting each other’s plans?

Have fun with it, keep it creative!

Until next week…
<3 JL

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