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Friday Fiction – Just Believe

6 September 2014 No Comment

Can you see them? They fought for their home, they’re taking it back… and you just might be in the way.

Just Believe

© 2014 Jodi Lee, all rights reserved
Image credit – Unknown (please advise if you know!)

JustBelieveMorriganLong ago, the Irish people held dear their stories of the little people. It’s not that way anymore, most have forgotten the old stories, the old ways. And since those times, The Seelie and Unseelie courts have battled across the length and breadth of the tiny country, laying waste to nearly everything in sight.

Well, maybe not human sight, but some of us can see with other eyes. Eventually a bargain was struck between the two forces, and then they worked together, against the human race.

When they’d taken back what was rightfully theirs in Ireland, they moved on. They crossed the Irish Sea into Wales and Scotland and England, gathering their forces as they went, demanding to be acknowledged and claiming the lands back, as their own. It was quite a thing to witness. For those that could see, at least.

Why was anyone’s guess, but in my opinion, it was due to the way we’ve treated the lands for the past two hundred years. So very few have respect for the Earth that gave them birth and life. I believe the Fae have come not only to take the land back, but to keep the Earth from purging us from herself.

News carries fast in these times, and it wasn’t long before it was filled with other lands and their Fae, also taking back the lands. Cities were falling. Like I said, some of us can see. To humans it looked like wasting, failing. The crops failing, industry failing, health failing. Soon enough, it became harder and harder for us to bear healthy children, or to raise them to adulthood. Soon enough, human folk began to die out.

Soon enough, everything fell apart.

Those of us with Fae-sight could see the very buildings begin to crumble well before others saw. It moved faster than any Discovery channel documentary, I can tell you that. Within a year of the second wave of war, the one fought on North American soil, most of our buildings were gone, and we were left with nothing more than one or two story houses. Even the apartment buildings were gone. I marveled that so few others felt the coldness, the emptiness, of their ghostlike homes.

There weren’t enough humans to fight back – they had no idea what they were fighting against anywat – and those like me, those with Fae-sight, they didn’t want to fight back. Why? Why, when the air was fresher, the grass greener, the waters clean? Why should we go back instead of forward?

The Fae began to step forward then, showing themselves to we who could see, teaching us how to maintain our lives in good health without damaging the Earth. We began to start over, and soon our villages were full of hustle and bustle, and the cries and laughter of young children.

Can you imagine, a world without fear, without hate? A world where you don’t have to get sick just by taking a walk outside? I did. This was it, and now I have it.

Take a deep breath. Can you smell the ocean? Can you smell the trees? Or do you smell hot asphalt, fuel vapor, and the refuse of excess?

I thought so. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself barefoot, in a meadow filled with tall grasses, beautiful wildflowers and trees of every kind. Now, take a step forward. Wiggle your toes against the Earth. Raise your arms and throw your head back. Take a deep breath, and tell me what you smell.

That’s right, child. You smell life. You smell what could be. You smell what the Fae are bringing us. Practice child, and you will soon find yourself in a world created like mine, somewhere along the road, somewhere green and forever golden.

Just believe.

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