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Writersphere – Prompts – 11-25-14

25 November 2014 No Comment

Homestretch time folks! Hopefully these prompts urge you past the finish line.

For Journalling:

What will you do once NaNoWriMo is over? Will you add more to the story, or start on revision right away? Will you set it aside and start a new project, or just set it aside and take a break?

For Fiction:

Work this into your NaNovel: Your MC, and his/her sidekick/best friend/signifcant other watches the sun set, and rather than being beautiful, it’s anti-climactic.


Swampness by VidPen on deviantART


Have you checked out @NaNoWordSprints or @NaNoPals on Twitter? They run intermittent sprints, advice, etc. Come join the fun!

’til next week…
<3 JL

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