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11 of 52 Weeks – Spring Do-Over

22 March 2015 No Comment

Now that the universe has reminded the BeeGirl and I precisely why we should never – ever – get our hopes up for anything, I’m ready for a spring do-over. Starting April 1, more focus on work and writing, spring cleaning and prep for gardening. I may do a full-on purge like my favorite anthology editor (and author of The Horned Ones & His Blood), Christine Morgan – What Hoarding Problem? – you should check it out! So many books…

I can’t give up my books though, even though most of them have only been read once and then shelved since. My altar needs a big clean-out. Some of the stuff in there has been there for over a decade, and has never been used. I have furniture and knick-knacks and so much stuff that I’ve not even looked at in five years or more.

I am in full belief that Themselves have said we’re not getting somewhere new, until we can sort our sh…stuff, and get rid of the stash. Most of the stuff here were ‘wants’ and not ‘needs’ and it’s obvious by the lack of attention given to ‘em after a while.

Realizing I was embarking on this same journey last November, right? That was kyboshed really, really quickly when my novel decided to take over my life. This month, I’ve barely written my goals, and instead of taking on Camp NaNo next month, I chose to stay at my regular goal. I’ll do a 50k in July, instead.

*deep breath*

And work! I’m almost a full month behind on my freelance project due to software issues between versions of Word (something just did NOT want to work right for me, no matter what I did or how I converted files) and finally – FINALLY!!! – I’ve got a working file that doesn’t revert back to step one the moment I close it. I’ll be quite busy this week, getting it caught up! Hopefully the client is okay with a heavy discount to make up for it.

Chin up, courage Camille, face front, forward ho!

<3 JL

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