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16 of 52 Weeks – Knob and Tube

20 April 2015 No Comment

I love electricity, really – I do. I don’t so much like 100-year-old wiring, though. Knob and tube, that’s what the house inspector found in the home BeeGirl is serious about. And that means no insurance, which also means no mortgage, unless it’s fixed. Frustration level – five. Still, it’s better than the last option, right?

I’ve been waiting for the phone all day again today, and only now am I getting onto the computer – without headphones or anything – ready to jump at the first ring. I’m hoping to hear good news from the electrician, though the news from the realtor was so-so. So many things are on the wait and see board that I’m sure some of the post-its have fallen off and the pins have rusted into the cork.

And that’s just me… I can’t imagine what the fuss and stress is doing to BeeGirl, because she’s the one shouldering all this stuff. I’m just going to be a tenant.

On the plus side:

1. This electrical issue is the biggest one. The house is pretty much insulated out the wazoo, the foundation except for one spot is solid, and everything else is par for the course (needs new smoke alarms, water tank thingy, tank should be moved, flashing needs to be redone, etc.). We shouldn’t be sad or put off by this one thing when the rest of the house looks so good.

2. It could be as simple as testing each line individually, and finding out which knob and tube connection is powering which plugs and lights in which room. Then it’s just disconnecting the old crap and running new lines.

3. The electrician is someone my family – and coincidentally, BeeGirl’s employers – call on regularly for electrical work. His name has almost always been first mentioned whenever something came up at my mom’s and my grandparents’ that couldn’t be handled by family.

4. If walls need to be damaged, she and our cousin are familiar with the repair and replacement of such and those can be done on her own time.

On the con side:

1. This issue puts the other upgrades and renos to the back burner, which could be where they stay, at least for another five or so years. Unfortunately one of those renos was pretty damn important, at least if my back had anything to say about it.

2. No new appliances. I know the house comes with appliances, however the current owner purchased a glass-top stove, which cannot be used for canning.

3. It’s going to eat up the monies that were earmarked for other purposes.

I think she could take the pressure off by going to the CMHC, but she doesn’t want to do that. I can’t blame her, in some ways. We did that when we bought the farm, and we were screwed not only on interest rate, but fees, and the down payment ended up needing to be twice what we’d been told originally. She’s grown up knowing that, and so doesn’t trust ‘em. Can’t blame her.

In all honesty I feel a bit like a beach ball being kicked around, pillar to post, and at each kick they’re saying “no home for you!”. This crapshack isn’t a home. It’s ‘almost’ a roof over our heads until we can find something better.

And since we’ve been looking – for a rental or a purchase – for six years, I’ve lost hope.

Pro/Con lists aren’t helping, really… but it does keep the overwhelming black cloud away.

’til whenever…
<3 JL

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