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Scribbles – Well Hello Again!

2 February 2016 3 Comments

It’s only been six months or so since I last posted. I’ve been missing it, but the rest was necessary. No one wants to read the stuff I’d have been posting had I been around, believe me. As many things have changed, many have also stayed the same. Come on in, and see what’s been going on!

I spoke of my health issues last year when I was first diagnosed, I believe. If not, I have one very large (largest my OB/GYN has ever seen) fibroid tumor, and several smaller ones. Thankfully, to my complete and utter relief, all tests have shown that everything down there is benign; news shared with me in September when I found out what was up after the first attempt at treatment. Remember, I was just going on it when everything went flaky here? This is why:

Three days after having the first shot, I could barely move with the pain. Do you remember growing pains? Think all four limbs, 24/7. By the time everything was starting to feel better, it was time for the next shot. The frustrating part was I had been told that the symptoms would subside, at least. Nope. I continued to be dangerously anaemic, still in pain, still having digestive and urinary issues from the position of the main tumor.

I glossed it all over when I spoke to people, when I was writing here or posting to Facebook and Twitter. BeeGirl and AnimeGirl saw the reality. And frankly, the exhaustion was intense. It ALL wiped me out.

The ultrasound to check progress was scheduled TWO MONTHS after the first round of treatment, instead of immediately following, and the doctor appointment for results another month after that. Treatment failed. In fact, the treatment seemed to FEED the damn things; the main one grew to 8″ x 9″ and I developed several more. She still refused to talk about surgery. She wrote a prescription for another treatment, also not covered. This time I was denied coverage…but between the pharmacist and the doc, they managed to get full treatment in ‘sample packs.’ Treatment is almost done at this point, the side effects have been minimal, however the results we’d hoped for have not been seen.

I won’t be going ahead with any more treatments other than surgery.

Writing fell by the side of everything last year. Only NaNo went well, and I have lowered my expectations for myself this year. I’m back at work at Belfire after putting trust where I shouldn’t have. Contrary to a rumor being spread by another publishing house – we’re not in receivership! *eye rollage* Seriously, get over yourselves. Anyway, the schedule for 2016-2017 is being worked on, the royalties are slowly getting fine-tooth combed (it’s for all of 2015 this time, rather than in quarters). It feels good to get into the words again!

There’s going to be another change either here or at the main site, to document and share what BeeGirl and I are doing with the property here. We’re still in town, which puts a crimp in most of the plans we’d hoped to implement, but we’ve got others to move forward with. To that end, and to end this TL;DR post…lol, I’ll share a peek at what’s coming.

Wonder's Litter
Five 10-day old kits.

Those are the results of the first breeding between our purebred Rex buck, Sky, and BeeGirl’s Flemish Giant/New Zealand cross doe, Wonder. They’re now 3 weeks old, and hopping all over the place. We also have these wigglies:

Mama's Litter
Eight 3-day old kits.

These are the result of breeding Sky to Mama, also a Flemish Giant/New Zealand cross. Actually, Mama and Wonder are sisters, just from different litters. The kits are now a week old, and have grown fur.

That’s all for now, hope to see y’all more often from now on!

<3 JL


  • alexklages said:

    @JodiL33 Good to hear from you! I was a little concerned by your general ‘radio silence’ during NaNo this year. Hope health continues for u!

  • JodiLee (author) said:

    Thanks Alex! I did participate by hand, and I got my words in…barely, lol! I am never doing NaNo by hand again. Ever. And I don’t recommend it, either. ;)

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