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Scribbles – Time, Space and Relative What Now?

29 March 2016 3 Comments

Yay, semi-half-arsed Doctor Who reference. I’ve been thinking of Whovian cross stitch patterns today, so my brain has the blue. Or whatever. Anyway. Time for a ramble about time and schedules and getting back on track and stuff and things.

I have faced it, but I still let it get to me – my health. I had a bad week last week, probably due to all the activity from the week before. Learning to manage my time differently has been a major struggle…one I’m not happy having to fight through. There isn’t enough time to do certain things, especially when I can’t be at the desk as long as I was used to, pre-break. Arranging tasks into blocks of time is helping, with household chores and ‘feet up’ time in between. I’m not entirely down during the ‘feet up’ times, either. I can still use the tablet for browsing, most of Facebook and Pinterest, while Twitter and other sites aren’t working so well. Also, I’ve been doing some beta reading for one of my favorite folks, finally. Zoe sent me her work quite quite some time ago, but with the move, the enforced break, and the tablet not being as good for such as I’d hoped, I hadn’t made it in time for her original deadline. Lastly, BeeGirl and I worked out some plans for our super-not-so-secret-amongst-family project and I’ve worked that into a daily schedule as well.

In between all of this, I’m also doing a great deal of cross stitch again. In fact, I just finished a Christmas present for my sister in law – the “Fear is the Cockblocker of Dreams” unicorn. I’ve started the Glas Celli family tree as well as a birth record for my cousin’s grandson (which matches the one I made for her oldest grandson but haven’t framed yet). I’ll be starting another one of those somewhat soon as well, as her youngest is also expecting a boy with his girlfriend at the end of May. I have chosen a very cute quote pattern for my niece’s birthday present, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” which represents her quite nicely. Both AnimeGirl and BeeGirl are going to Central Canada Comic Con (aka C4) next fall, and a suggestion was made that I do some of the small nerdy projects for it. I’ve got about 15 patterns designed or chosen, and plenty of fabric and floss to do ‘em, along with the long awaited “Home Sweet Home” sampler…except I haven’t found a pattern I like yet. Finally, at some point in the near(-ish) future I will be starting the two big projects – the Grandfather and Granddaughter full coverage piece for AnimeGirl, and a Heaven and Earth Designs pattern of Brigid Ashwood’s Steam Bee for BeeGirl. I have loved Brigid’s work for as long as I’ve been aware of it. I’ve also got a couple more patterns in my wish list from HAED, which signifies that yes, I have indeed lost my mind.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Probably not.

I scheduled my time to do all of these things. Everything is scheduled, some is even shared publicly (my schedule calendar is in the drop down links under Freelance). Regular day to day life things and writing are taking place in between the scheduling for freelance work, Belfire, and Coney Hutch. I’ve cut my freelance hours down to a bare minimum, as well. Instead of filling every day with two or more projects, it’ll now be one project a month. Speaking of which – my schedule is clear, and I am accepting projects for the coming months. If you’re a past client, you’re eligible for 20% off until the end of April, so book soon!

Rambled on a bit more than I expected, but there you have it. There isn’t enough time, but maybe a schedule and some constancy – and daylight! – will get things in order.

Take care ‘n <3