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I am currently accepting new clients.
Check my calendar for my availability, and schedule in advance!

If you require the services of an editor now and I am booked up,
please let me know and I can recommend someone!

might I suggest and highly recommend Tracy DeVore?

Editing Services

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I will edit in any genre. I enjoy reading in all of them, even YA and the occasional children’s novel. I simply enjoy the written word in all its forms.

I’ll also edit any length of project, from 500 words to 500,000 – as long as enough time is allowed. For projects with short deadlines, I will charge an extra $0.50 per page.

Potential clients must state specifically what type of edit they are looking for:

» Substantive is a full-on content edit, including proofing for spelling, word usage, placement, grammar, punctuation and minor research to verify facts, if necessary. I first read the manuscript once, edit the file using MS Word with Track Changes and Comment functions used, then go over it one more time before saving the file separately, accepting all changes and proofing to verify changes will work, and that I haven’t missed something. If it all checks out, I send the edited file to the author for verification and their acceptance/rejection of suggested changes.

» Proofing is a once-over of already edited material, scanning for any anomalies with spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. No fact checking. If I encounter more than ten errors per page for five pages, I will return the project to the author and discuss upgrading to a substantive edit.

New Pricing Effective January 1 2015

Fees – Substantive: $2.00 per page

Fees – Proofing: $1.00 per page

Full Book Package:
Up to 250 pages with illustration: add $45.00/file
Up to 250 pages without illustration: add $35.00/file
Over 250 pages with illustration: add $80.00/file
Over 250 pages without illustration: add $60.00/file

  • Licensing fees on images are extra. This package deal is mainly of interest to self-publishers or micropress publishers, and includes substantive edit, follow up proof, interior layout design for print and ebook formats, full cover, and two images for promotional purposes.