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Editorial Credits

Private Freelance (*forthcoming)

The Boomerpreneur Revolution – Edit
By Richard Grehalva

Rethinking Cormac McCarthy – Proof
By Stephen R. Pastore

(untitled)* – Edit
By (unknown) for Aaspirations Publications

Ebin’s Heart – Edit
By Heather Wildman

Grand Mal Press (*forthcoming)

Saraband for a Runaway – Edit
By Robert White

Permuted Press (*forthcoming)

Hissers – Edit
By Ryan C. Thomas

7 Habits – Edit
By William T. Rose

Ammon’s Horn – Edit
By Stan Timmons

The Tillian Virus – Edit
The Tillian Effect – Edit
The Tillian Cure – Edit
By Tom Calen

Belfire Press (*forthcoming)

His Blood – Proof
By Christine Morgan

Dying Moon – Proof
By Shawn Oetzel

Eternal Fall – Proof
By R.D. Taylor

The Adventures of Captain Kitchen – Proof
By Shawn Oetzel

Where the Sun Don’t Shine – Edit
By J. Aaron Parish

Tearstone – Proof
By David L. Day

The Family: Liam – Edit
By KV Taylor

The Horned Ones – Edit
By Christine Morgan

The Agency – Proof
By Shawn Oetzel

Closes at Dusk – Edit
By Kim Paffenroth

Bedlam Unleashed Omnibus – Proof
By Steven Shrewsbury & Peter Welmerink

Smarter Than the Average Werewolf – Proof
By Mark Orr

Maiden’s Promise – Edit
By Tracy DeVore

Rumors of My Death – Edit
By Gina Ranalli

Light Side of Dark – Proof
By Voni Ryan

Like Him With Friends Possess’d – Proof
By Allen Simmons-Cantrell

Ambassador’s Daughter – Proof
By Violet L. Ryan

Scripped – Edit
By KV Taylor

The Gazebo – Edit
By Toni Cantrell

Off Track – Edit
By Michael Hultquist

Ante Mortem – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

Old School – Proof
ed. Louise Bohmer

Loathsome, Dark & Deep – Edit
By Aaron Polson

White Faced Bear – Proof
By R. Scott McCoy

Orpheus & The Pearl / Nevermore – Edit
By Kim Paffenroth / David Dunwoody

Descendant – Proof
By Bob Freeman

Absentminded – Proof
By Voni Ryan

At The End of Church Street – Proof
By Gregory L. Hall

Courting Morpheus – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

The New Bedlam Project (*forthcoming)

Return to New Bedlam* – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.2 – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

New Bedlam: Town Archives Vol.1 – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

Needfire Poetry (*forthcoming)

Separate and Succinct, Disparate and Distinct* – Edit
By Bill “ZombieZak” Snider

Sleepmaps – Edit
By Barry Napier

I Know What I Saw – Proof
ed. Barry Napier

The Monstrance – Edit
By Bryan D. Dietrich

Prime Directive – Edit
By Bryan D. Dietrich

A Mouth for Picket Fences – Proof
By Barry Napier

Vicious Romantic – Proof
By Wrath James White

Death in Common – Proof
ed. Rich Ristow

Necrotic Tissue/Stygian Publications

Necrotic Tissue Volumes #9-14 – Selection, Proofread

Three Zombies & A Demon – Proofread
By Roy C. Booth

Twisted Library Press

Horrorology – Edit
ed. Jodi Lee

The Black Act (1st Ed. Edit, 2nd Ed. Proof)
By Louise Bohmer

LBF Books/Lachesis Publishing

By Right of Will – Edit
By Lorrieann Russell

Dangerous Depths – Edit
By G.K. Kruszka

Living Off Balance – Proof
By Alison Lake

Dreaming Creek – Edit
By Edmund Schubert

The Solar Sea – Proof
By David Lee Summers

The Devil’s Due – Proof
By David R. Riley

For a Short Time – Edit
By Lori Lapekes

Shadow Dreams – Edit
By Teri Barnett

Flaherty’s Run – Proof
By Henry Hoffman

The Protocol – Proof
By J. Robert Kennedy

Out of Darkness – Edit
By Vanessa deHart

The Goblin Princess – Proof
By Keith Gouveia

The Rise & Falling Out of St. Leslie of Security – Proof
By Andrew Tisbert

A Nation of Expendables – Edit
By Vana Roth

The Infinite Instant – Proof
By Danielle L. Parker

Out of Time – Proof
By Michael McCarty and Connie Corcoran Wilson

Frozen Blood – Proof
By Joel A. Sutherland

The Forgotten Disturbed – Proof
By T.L. Trevaskis

Tormentor – Proof
By Steven L. Shrewsbury

City of Toys – Edit
By Lindy Hudis

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest (Apex Publications)

Apex Digest Issues 9 – 12 – Proof

Best of Apex 2006 – Proof

HebrewPunk – Proof
By Lavie Tidhar

Gratia Placenti Anthology – Proof
ed. Gill Ainsworth

Unwelcome Bodies – Proof
By Jennifer Pelland

The Next Fix – Proof
By Matt Wallace

Orgy of Souls – Proof
By Wrath James White & Maurice Broaddus

Mama’s Boy – Proof
By Fran Friel

I Remember the Future – Proof
By Michael A. Burstein