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Shroud Halloween

Shroud Magazine
Special Halloween Edition

Issue #10 – October 2010 – Sam Hane It’s Not

My first introduction to the word “Samhain” was on a blackboard in the movie Halloween 2. A year or so later, I continued to believe the word was pronounced Sam-hane, and until I began studying the Celtic religions, I did believe it was a rite performed by druids to foretell the future. Just that; in my imagination, a ring of druids stood surrounding a single Roman centurion who had been tied to the table rock in the center of Stonehenge.

Necrotic Tissue

Necrotic Tissue
Issue #11 – July 2010 – Chopped Up Pop

I’ve been away at college, I thought things were okay back home. Mom always answered the phone, and Dad always seemed happy enough when I talked to him. If they’d shown any indication of things going bad, I would have known.

Necrotic Tissue

Necrotic Tissue
Issue #9 – January 2010 – Ring a Ring a Rosie

The Emergency Room at Brighid’s Sacred Cross Hospital in New Bedlam had experienced many nights of insanity over the years. Never as many as in recent months, where it seemed every night had its share of crazies, but probably more than any other small town ER would.

Road Trip

November, 2009 – The Monsters Next Door – OOP

There was a moment when she thought she could feel the thumping right through the gas pedal; Emmy could have sworn the pedal pushed back at her foot.


Apex Digest Online – no longer available

Non-Fiction – Articles:
Green With Envy – August 2008

Non-Fiction – Interviews:
Maurice Broaddus & Wrath James White – August 2008
D.L. Snell – July 2008
Jeremy C. Shipp – February 2008
Sara King – February 2008
David Wong – February 2008

Non-Fiction – Reviews:
Vacation by Jeremy C. Shipp – February 2008
John Dies at the End by David Wong – February 2008

Noneuclidian Cafe

Summer – 2007

Review of Mathias Freese’s The i Tetraology
Mathias Freese takes three characters from the horrors of an internment camp during World War 2, to the life of a war criminal hidden amongst the populace of Long Island, to a young man discovering his father was said criminal.

Nocturnal Ooze Magazine Online – defunct

Fiction – Black & White – April-May 2007
Anna hadn’t meant to be keeping track of the passage of the days and weeks in her flesh; she’d begun on the soft sheet-rock covering her space. She snapped out of a daze at one point, and discovered she’d been digging at her arm. With the last match, she lit the candle – and counted fifteen bloody gouges on her forearm. There was little feeling in the arm, delayed shock perhaps. After that though, she’d just kept adding one mark on her arm for each one on the soft sheet-rock covering the walls of her space.

Night to Dawn 11
Spring 2007

Non-Fiction – Reviews:
All Acts of Pleasure
Love is the Bond

Fiction – Thirsty
He tore himself from my womb, ripping ang shredding as he came. Michael barely had time to call the council to save my life before my child, our child, began to grow. Immediately after he was freed from my body, he began to feed.
On me.

Night to Dawn 10
Summer 2006


Non-Fiction – Reviews:
Red Dragon
Final Destination 3



Tales From the Moon-Lit Path

Fiction – The Lion Roared (summer 2006)
Emmy tore her focus from the road for just one second to flick her lighter and touch the flame to the tip of the cigarette that had dangled from her lips for a half hour. In that one moment, some kind of dog wandered out onto the road; Emmy saw the red reflection of the animal’s eyes barely in time, and she swerved while hitting the brakes.

The Beltane Papers

Numerous reviews appearing over a span of three years.


Received assigned books from then review coordinator, Lisa McSherry.


The Blessed Bee Pagan Family Newsletter

Reviews and article in several issues. Although I have only received one contributor copy I have been told my work has appeared in other issues. I can verify work in at least this one issue however.


Issue #27 – Winter 2006
Review – Patchwork of Magic: Living in a Pagan World
Review – Rites of Passage

newWitch Issue #7

Review – Teen Witch Kit
Silver RavenWolf has her fans, but I’m not one of them. The “If I don’t do it, someone else will” excuse for putting out the Teen Witch Kit just does not cut it with me. I tried being objective with this kit – really, I did.

newWitch Issue #12

Bard’s Book of Pagan Songs

I can’t verify the publication of the review in the magazine, other than that I signed a contract for its use in this particular issue. I received payment, but not the contributor copy. *update* Contributor copy received!!! Thanks Anne and Kenaz!

PanGaia Issue #41

Review – The Celtic Tree Oracle
Review – The Celtic Book of the Dead
Review – The Dreampower Tarot

I’ll post clips of reviews as I can track ‘em down. Either the mail has eaten my contributor copies, or they’ve been lost in the shuffle somewhere.

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