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WriYe Blogging Circle – One Sure Thing

23 January 2015 No Comment

WriYe’s Blogging Circle continues! This month, Keri is making my heart actually choose the main goal I want to focus on, what all the little things boil down to…


What is your one main goal for this year? Call it your writing resolution. Not two. Not five. Your main and only one. And why is it your goal?
(I know December was a similar question, but this should be the distillation of everything you plan to do this year. It may be “Publishing a novel!” or even “Just write every month.”)


Make a mantra to tell yourself all year when you feel as if you can’t reach this goal. Share it with us!

This is easy in one sense, but hard in another. If the world conspired against my plans (and let’s face it, January hasn’t been so very hot so far) and told me I had to focus on just one project for the rest of the year, it’d be to finish, polish, edit and publish One for Sorrow, all before December 31st.

But then I ask myself how I could leave the Galleys gang behind, or for that matter, what about polishing the YA novella from last year?

Grrr. Okay, I have it now!

One main goal for 2015 – finish, polish, edit and publish one piece of work longer than 10k words.

My mantra? Since I’ve used it twice in this post already, I guess I’d have to go with “Finish, Polish, Edit, and Publish” repeatedly, constantly, 24/7, all year long.

That’s how Jodi’s do.

’til next month…
<3 JL

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