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19 of 52 Weeks – Distracted by the Shiny

11 May 2015 2 Comments

I was so distracted last week, it’s not even funny. It is cause for celebration though, so I’m going to toss some confetti around and set out some champagne…

First, without even realizing it, I’ve passed the 1000 posts published mark. Last week’s 52 Weeks was the 1000th post! Kinda hard to take in; what started out as a lark has become something I rather enjoy, and so I’ll keep on doing it.

So don’t forget to pop back over to last week’s post and enter the giveaway!

Second, Wednesday morning, shortly after Recipe Box posted, I received a phone call which was technically a message for BeeGirl, but honestly I’m just as excited as she is. She posted to her wall on Facebook finally, so I can now say – and for sure this time – she has bought a house!

Not just any house, either. A very nice 100+ year old, 1 3/4 storey, farm-style house. The front porch is almost all windows, and just screams sitting area. We’re going to cover Gran’s couch, and put it and my lady’s chair out there, perhaps with a small bookshelf and a hanging lamp. Actually, since it’s Gran’s couch and the lady’s chair that spent most of it’s time at their place when I was growing up… I think I’ll use the hanging lamp from there, too. Wonder if I can find someone to fix it?

There are three bedrooms upstairs, with a half-bath. My room is the only one with a closet, BeeGirl’s has two wonderful dormer windows, and the AnimeGirl/Vickie/Guest bedroom is small, but big enough for short visits. I wouldn’t want to live in it permanently, but it is bigger than BeeGirl’s old room here! LOL

Downstairs there’s a ‘formal’ dining room and sitting area, a smallish living room, a really small bathroom and a rather small kitchen. All of the appliances come with it, including 2 freezers and a dishwasher. I can not begin to explain how much I’m looking forward to that dishwasher!

The basement is low-ceilinged, but apparently crammed right full of storage space. BeeGirl said it’s everywhere, and there’s a cold-room, too.

The yard is quite big, a corner lot. There’s a huge tree right at the north-east corner, five apple trees, a surface garden, raised beds, flower beds, pine trees (ugh, they’re coming down asap), two canvas garages/sheds and an ancient shed that is probably going to have to come down.

When BeeGirl saw the for sale sign one night (late, late one night) she slammed on the brakes and reversed. The next day, we messaged her realtor and soon enough, we were in for a look. After a second look with my cousin, she made an offer. That was on the 8th of April. It was accepted, and the other stuff began.

What kept everything so long? BeeGirl’s bank insisted on not only an appraisal, but an inspection as well. Yeah, it was because of the other house, but damn it… Anyway, that all went quickly enough, but there is a wiring issue; that was sorted, but the bank STILL kicked the dirt and hemmed and hawed. Finally it was accept that the current owner and BeeGirl are splitting re-wiring costs, got a letter from the electrician verifying, and finally – FINALLY – they approved it. Almost exactly a month (and three extensions on the offer!) later, BeeGirl is ready.

Now it’s six weeks until she takes possession, but still… She’s ecstatic! As am I. I’ll have a new landlord by the end of July, and a safe home to live in.


<3 JL