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4 of 52 Weeks – Work Work Work

27 January 2015 2 Comments

Are there any book reviewers out there willing to look at chapbook series? I’ve had seven folks turn me down on the basis they’re chapbooks, not novels. I mean seriously, really? When I was reviewing, I’d have loved doing series, and I did do a few. So if you’re out there, speak up!

For once, I’m going to love every minute of February, even if it is super cold and wintry. I’ve got work booked for all of the month, plus possibly into March and April, depending. Belfire has some announcements that will be coming up this week, which I’m really excited about. And I’ve a new private client who I’m very excited to work with; the synopsis and sample pages were fantastic and completely drew me in. I can’t wait to read the whole story.

Plus, I have found a tiny spark of interest in working on One for Sorrow, so I’m focusing February on that. January was supposed to be it, but I found I was more interested in a few other bits and bobs, so *shrug* there it is. I’ve also got an itch to start winding up the Galleys Between series, so there’s that on the side.

And with all of that, Carrie and I have decided to start purging and packing, even if we haven’t found our house yet. I can’t help but harbor a tiny bit of hope for that first one, but there are others out there. Somewhere, it’s waiting for us.

’til next week…
<3 JL