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Favorite Links

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Favorite Authors:

Stephen King (of course!!!)
MR Sellars
Alethea Kontis
Gord Rollo
Edward Lee
Jennifer Pelland

Belfire Press Staff, Authors & Poets:

Tracy DeVore
Bob Freeman

Voni Ryan
Kim Paffenroth
David Dunwoody
Michael J. Hultquist
Toni Cantrell
KV Taylor
Gina Ranalli
Allen Simmons-Cantrell
Mark Orr
Shawn Oetzel
Christine Morgan
JL Benet
Jeff Parish
R. Dean Taylor
Bryan D. Dietrich
Barry Napier

Other Authors:

Aaron Polson
Steve Savile
Lavie Tidhar
Louise Bohmer
Benjamin Solah
Kerr Cuhulain
John Everson
Michael Louis Calvillo


Billy Tackett
Keith Minnion


Belfire Press (of course!)
Morrigan Books
Grand Mal Press
Permuted Press
Graveside Tales


Awww… all gone. :(


Night to Dawn
Cemetary Dance


Kevin Smith – Blog

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