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Galleys Between – Sacrifice by Jodi Lee

Editor: Melanie Choly
Publisher: Self
Pages: 36
Cover Price: $1.50

E-book ISBN-13: 978-1-927580-34-9
Formats: html, js, mobi, epub, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

Kindle ISBN-13: 978-1-927580-35-6

Available November 9th 2013 exclusively in digital formats.

Sacrifice – Justine and Nigel have made their way through the first galley, and have found the room where she nearly lost her life so many years ago. Not much has changed, including the man she thought was dead. Old feelings war with new, and Justine has to face a love she’d long forgotten.

With Gary’s help, they travel through more galleys in search of the evil Maya, Justine’s childhood playmate, the girl who had almost killed Gary, now grown into a woman intent on twisting time to destroy two worlds.

What they’re saying about Galleys Between:


I was very familiar with the galleys, having traversed them many times as a child. I’d even been lost, so to speak, in the between. I’d travelled an unfamiliar galley, and ended up in a bathroom. I stayed there, for longer than I cared to remember. I’d met Gary there, and thought he’d been killed by the Sionnach version of me.

Turns out, no.

Gary would be waiting where the galley came to an end. In some ways, I couldn’t wait to see him, but in others… I’d just left him there, thinking he was dead. When I’d gone back, his body was gone. The problem with galleys is that you’re never sure when you’re going to get somewhere. It could be before, after, or during an experience. The prof had explained that if I honed my abilities, I could soon control that randomness as well.

I’m not sure I want to know how to control these things, ya know?

Nigel began sneezing behind me, and I stopped, breath held, until he stopped. Thankfully the sleeping below us didn’t wake. That was one memory that stayed with me through all the drugs and the psychotherapy; the cold hands of the sleeping reaching up to pull me down through the boards, into their hell.

I shuddered, but kept moving.

Finally, I could see light from ahead. It was a very small door, probably meant for a child. For me, perhaps, when I was a child. I felt around until I found the hidden catch, and popped it. The door swung open, growing larger as it did. I didn’t look around, simply trusted my travels, and slid through. Nigel followed suit.

Gaining our feet, we brushed ourselves off and looked around. While it was similar to the bathroom I’d spent an age in, it wasn’t quite the same. Something was different. The tiles were a deeper blue than I remembered, and it was certainly cleaner. I shrugged, accepting without argument.

“What?” Nigel asked.

“It looks different than it did. Not much, but enough. Still, I wouldn’t have come out here if it wasn’t where we’re supposed to be.”

Across the room, another doorway opened, and a man slid through before it slammed shut. When he turned to us, I felt my knees turn into rubber. Gary.

He didn’t look any different. I wavered between running to him and ducking behind Nigel. I took the chicken’s way in, and simply offered my hand. That wasn’t good enough for Gary, though; he dropped his pack on the floor by his feet and grabbed me, pulling me into a rough embrace.

“I can’t believe it’s you! Genny said it would be, but my gods, you look just like you did back then!”

I can’t look like that, I’m not ten anymore. Whatevs, Gary was holding tight. I reciprocated.

“I’m here, and you’re… you’re alive!” I burst into tears. Which was strange, because I do not cry.

Nigel stepped forward then, probably thinking to rescue me from any embarrassment. I wasn’t embarrassed, just shocked. I haven’t cried, like, really cried, since I was a kid.

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