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5 of 52 Weeks – Early Spring?

3 February 2015 One Comment

Several of the groundhogs predicted an early spring this year. Of course they did, it was cloudy. I always hope for cloudy days in winter, but most especially for February 2nd.

Cloudy generally means warmer, and clear days are often colder, sometimes bitterly cold around here. Even if the cloudy days are cold, the insulating lurk of clouds makes it feel warmer. Also, I’ve tricked my brain into believing this, so shush. Come on, people, it’s February. At the very least, there is still six more weeks of snow simply because it’s Manitoba, and be damned with the weather prognosticators!

Still, spring will, *knock on wood*, come early for the Bee Girl and I. Once everything is a little more final, we’ll be all posty and stuff about it, but in the meantime, we wait somewhat impatiently. It’s going to be a busy time though!

If anyone is looking for an editor right now, I’m booking for late May through to September. Booking a spot with a deposit by the end of February gets the client a 20% discount! Returning clients receive their 10% discount on top of the 20% discount – that’s great savings!

I’m a day late posting this, so I should get it moving. Yesterday Bee Girl and I were chasing all over the place doing things. Okay, not really. We made a trip into town to pick up cat food and fill up the gas tank on the truck, came home and had supper then went for coffee at our cousin’s. It was just a lazy day from the start, relaxing. I think the kid needed the time to come down a little from all the action since Thursday last week…

Vague-posting again, aren’t I? <|;^) I promise, by next week’s 52 Weeks, I’ll be able to tell ya. Hopefully. ’til then… <3 JL