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WriYe Blogging Circle – Write, Edit, Revise, Repeat

10 April 2015 No Comment

You can either look at this as an early circle post, or a late circle post… but I’d say it’s almost right on time. Sort of. I mean, the March deadline was only a couple of weeks ago, right?

Easy question: why is it necessary? Hard question: do you enjoy it?

Take a selfie/novel-ie of you/your novel in the midst of revision.

I am a big proponent of editing beyond spell and grammar check in whatever processor slash software one is using. Why? Because we ALL – all of us – will make errors that could be as simple as typos to our brain stalling and switching out their for they’re and vice-versa, or more difficult issues such as badly done research (or no research at all). Editors catch these things, most of if not all of the time.

And then, once the editor has finished his or her job, it’s time for revision. I suppose folks might like to put revision first, polishing the first draft before handing it off to an editor or first reader, but to me, that’s not revision. Revision is employing as many of the editor’s suggestions and fixes as we feel necessary – revising our story.

Personally, I enjoy the process as long as it’s a simple one. Too often, I’m caught up in a difficult client or Belfire edit when one of my own comes back with red marks, and then I’m feeling like I make my clients and authors feel… and then I get feeling guilty, and frustrated. Now I have M. hang on to things until my calendar is clear, so I can focus on work for work, and my revision on my own time.

I can’t do the bonus round this time… nothing is in revision at this point, and most of it is with my editor. If I remember, down the line, though, I’ll edit the post with a screen shot of all the red marks she leaves behind. <|;^)

’til next week!
<3 JL

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