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18 of 52 Weeks – The Big Box Fossil Giveaway

6 May 2015 No Comment

Last week, I received a very large box in the mail. When I cut the tape securing the top, it exhaled in a big whoosh and part of AnimeGirl’s birthday/Yule presents poofed out of the top. Below the fluffiness was a cache of books I’ve been waiting for…

Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling edited by Christine Morgan had arrived! I was giddy – and not just from the sheer abundance of Pirates memorabilia I had made off with. Obviously I am keeping one copy, but for the next 25 days, you can enter to win a signed pair of both Fossil Lake: An Anthology of the Aberrant, and Fossil Lake: The Refossiling.

Giveaway is open to anyone 18+, although you have to give your name and email address for the giveaway software, it’s not retained in any way after the contest is over.

Want a taste of the Refossiling experience? Stop by the Bruce Too excerpt!

Good luck!

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