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20 of 52 Weeks – Can’t Brain, Have Dumb

18 May 2015 One Comment

Now a full week since the third – seemingly final, for the time being – treatment, I can say that while I rallied a bit last week, I’m zonked.

If anyone reading this has also had three rounds of Lupron Depot, does this sound normal?

As an example, I fell asleep around 10:30-ish Thursday evening after BeeGirl and I got home from our trip to Winkler, and woke up fully sometime Friday afternoon (I’d been up to get a drink etc. at various times, but never stayed awake longer than 15 minutes). The same thing happened when we got back from our trip to Ridge Road* on Friday evening, only I managed to stay somewhat more awake on Saturday.

I’ve been trying to get some of my work done, but ten minutes into emails or files, and I’m drifting. Caffeine isn’t helping, it’s actually hindering. I’m falling asleep anyway! I’m trying to get caught up folks, so anyone I owe emails or what-have-you – I’ll get there!

I know these are side effects and I was expecting to be tired, but not to-the-bone exhausted, for no reason. I was dragging through my MFP stuff, forcing myself to eat and stay hydrated. Even now, I’m sitting here typing this and my eyes are droopy, my brain is fumbling around for words and all I want is a cup of coffee. I slept from 11 Saturday evening to about 3:30 AM Sunday morning. By the way, that’s a normal amount of sleep for me, though it usually happens between 3-4 and 8 AM. I was not ‘all-there’ when I woke up though, so I coffee’d and had a cold splash on my face. Nibbled on some sourdough toast (OMG yummy!) and set a load of dishes to soak. When I was done the coffee and toast, I washed ‘em, and went to see if Netflix was finally behaving. It was, so I started to watch an episode of Grey’s…

And woke up at 5:30. I don’t know what time it was when I sat down again, but waking up was a bit of a surprise. Would you believe I checked to see if I’d actually washed dishes, because I thought I’d dreamt it all?

Well, I had done the dishes, so… yeah. When BeeGirl got up around 6:30, I got another load of dishes done (shut up, we leave ‘em far too long etc. and blah blah blah) and then talked to her for a bit, and fell asleep. Again. Before noon. I woke up when I heard Aerosmith’s version of ‘Come Together’ – she was watching Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. And it was 6:16 PM.

We made dinner, I ate, and a half hour later, was drifting off again, sleeping for about an hour. This is NOT good. I have stuff and things that need doing, both work-wise and other-wise. I have a sale to prep for the Saturday of the long weekend, and sorting/cleaning/packing to do. Life, people! I mean, geez.

Any thoughts?

’til next time…
<3 JL

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