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24 of 52 Weeks – Pick Up Sticks

15 June 2015 One Comment

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

I certainly hope so, even though it’s been sadly abandoned for a month. I could go into a lengthy and really rather boring explanation, but just go read the last few 52 Weeks posts, and you’ll get the drift.

I’m only just getting back up to speed with everything so I hope you’ll continue to forgive the odd missing day here and there. I wanted to get on here today though, because I’m that excited for the BeeGirl – and myself shortly – as she signed the final papers for the new house on Friday!


No more black mold, no more damp, no more ceilings falling in and roof falling apart, no more flooded basement, no more freezing cold in the winter and frighteningly hot (and humid) in the summer.

Most importantly, no more black mold. This could mean that both our asthmas will at least relent a wee bit, and with all the windows and usable yard over there, I’ll be forced to get some sunlight. I won’t have an office, but I believe my bedroom will be big enough to house a bookcase, the desk and a futon or similar thingy.

Once we get started moving things over there, we’ll also get started working on the rabbit hutches. We were meant to start that earlier this spring, but time got away from us, and frankly, we weren’t sure if there’d be money for the supplies needed. Not to mention it took me forever to work out the plans for them! Now that’s done, so we just need to price out the lumber, the wire caging and the hardware. I found perfect feeder cups, too – mesh on the bottom to keep the crumbs and bits from building up and getting gross. If we have to wait until next spring to get our rabbits, so be it, but I want those hutches built this summer. Or maybe fall.

After that, the next step is to build the winter hutches in either the shed, or the back porch, which is huge. I’m honestly hoping the shed is mainly salvageable; it’s been on the property as long as anyone can remember, and it’d be a shame to have to tear it down. It only leans to the west a little bit… it’s still good!

I am having a bit of a *thing* about paint colors for one of the rooms, however. While three of the walls will remain the color they are (at least for now) I want to paint the altar wall before we move in officially. I’ll be using Pop’s (paternal grandfather, who I barely remember) parlor table as an altar. Now I’ve heard two stories about this table, either of which would be awesome. Either it came from Ireland with Pop’s parents or grandparents, or he made it himself. With the amount of detailing in the carving and whatnot, and having owned a few of his other works previously, I’m leaning heavily toward the prior. I don’t know if I have the Irish lace table cloth or not, but if I don’t, oh well. We’ll finally have a proper altar again, something we’ve not had since we moved here, and believe me, I can tell.

The old altar which is in my room currently, is going to be converted into a coffee stand, the mirror removed and mounted elsewhere, and the arches connected with a dowel to create a towel rack behind. The herbal and oil contents, now well over ten years old, will be sorted, and disposed of properly. We’ll start fresh.

This coming weekend marks not only Litha (Midsummer), but also Glas Celli’s 15th year as a group. We have changed little over the years, other than adding family members as our respective families have grown up. A couple of founding members drifted away early on, but the core remains. This is quite an achievement for a group such as ours, and I’m looking forward to many more years to come!

Exciting times ahead!

’til next time…
<3 JL

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