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Writersphere – Prompts – 6-25-15

25 June 2015 One Comment

Hmm. It’s been quiet around here, but there’s a big challenge brewing with WriYe (No Quarter Given) and I figure we need to stretch our fingers with some prompts! And hey, check out the cool music – BeeGirl introduced me to Steampunk Giraffe recently…

Anyway, are you ready? GO!

Writer’s Challenge:

1) write about anything you want (for missing last week)

2) Write a love story

For Journalling:

1) What’s your favorite recipe? When and for whom do you make it?

2) Look back into history, pre-20th century. Who would you most want to meet, and why?

For Fiction:

1) Write about a storm-chaser, starting as he/she gets the video of a lifetime.

2) A day in the life of an insect – Halloween (movie) style.



This torndado hit half an hour from here, 8 years ago last weekend. The girls and I were at a baseball tournament, just knowing something was going to hit, and we wanted to be there so badly! Rather glad we didn’t get there… thanks to the photographer KHarkoL via DeviantArt!

Tornado by KHarkoL on DeviantArt


steampunk bee by DesertRubble on DeviantArt




#WriteClub has been shifted into once a month, if I’m understanding their posts correctly, and won’t be around until the 3rd of July. In the meantime, I am hoping to be around a little on Sunday June 28th (in the late afternoon/evening) to run a handful of #1k1hr sprints… I may or may not be able to reply to folks, depending on whether I’m on the tablet or comptuer. Join me anyway!

’til next time…
<3 JL