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Writersphere – Prompts – 7-2-15

2 July 2015 No Comment

Let’s dive right into the prompts, shall we? I have a feeling blog posts aren’t going to be regular again until I get the packing progressed a little further than half-a-load of chuck-outs headed to the landfill.

Seriously, it doesn’t look like there was a dent made! Anyhoo – back to it!

Writer’s Challenge:

Write a letter to your future self.

For Journalling:

1) Pick three items on your desk or close to you, and write about how they came to be there, and why you’ve kept them there. Do they inspire you?

2) Look back into recent 20th century history. Who would you most want to meet, and why?

For Fiction:

1) Pick your favorite short fairy tale and re-write it for the modern era.

2) View the day through the eyes of your spouse, significant other, your child, or your parent. How do they see you and your actions throughout the day?



The Unravelling by scarlet-dragonchild on DeviantArt


On the eve of war by scarlet-dragonchild on DeviantArt




#WriteClub has been shifted to the first Friday of each month (more details here: Friday Night Write Club. Obviously I didn’t make it back for sprinting last weekend, but there is hope for this one! My Twitter account is viewable by all, not just friends, so check in once in a while – @JodiL33.

’til next time…
<3 JL

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