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Writersphere – Prompts – 7-9-15

9 July 2015 No Comment

I just want to say – I hate packing. I hate sorting. I hate the tidying involved in trying to find the stuff that needs sorted and packed. But I love the new house, so… I guess I gotta get moving on that. In the meantime, I hope y’all will write away for me, so here’s some prompts to get you motivated!

Writer’s Challenge:

Write about anything that’s currently on your mind.

For Journalling:

1) What do you do in your off-time, your down-time, to really relax? What is your zen?

2) Write an entry about a pet you had or knew as a child. What was your relationship like?

For Fiction:

1) Write a short horror using the title ‘Love Finds Lolly.’

2) Write a 4000 word short in any genre, keeping the character count to four, and never let them leave the room they start the story in.



Noir Watercolor Illustration by alonsomolina1985 on DeviantArt


non parlarne mai by agnes-cecile on DeviantArt




So, what to do this Friday without #writeclub? Check out the many other sprint oppprtunities on Twitter using the hashtags #wordsprint #amwriting #wordwar and #1k1hr of course!

’til next time…
<3 JL

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