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Recipe Box – Cheap? Well it used to be…

5 February 2016 One Comment

This recipe came from my friend Lorna. Her mom used to make it – well, something similar anyway – and it sounded awesome, so we tried it. At the time, it was a cheap, tasty, kid-friendly meal that fit right into my practically non-existent grocery budget. In the past five or so years, I’ve watched the prices jump higher and higher to the point where this is almost a luxury. If I’ve shared this one before – oops! <|;^)
I’m going to post a price comparison, from the time I started making this recipe, to now. It’s been almost exactly ten years I think. No more than a couple months off anyway, because we’d only just moved to the crack-shack and that was in ’06. The numbers are approximate, because I’ve never used the whole loaf of bread, or an entire block of cheese – but – they had to be purchased whole, right? Not all of these items were used for just one meal. For example, the block of cheese would also be used as topping for tacos or salad or pasta, homemade mac & cheese, and grilled cheese. The leftover bread would be used for our version of french toast. I’m also using the pricing at our local grocery store, which in 2006 was a Co-op, and is now a privately owned operation (their prices are spot on to what the Co-op was before it closed, though). Better deals are to be had at stores a few towns over, but we can’t always drive 45 minutes one way to shop.

Anyway, look at the price difference between then and now!


Thick slice bread (double loaf) – $2.25
Can of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup – $.99
Flaked Tuna in water (larger can) – $.99
900g block of medium or old cheddar – $8.00

Thick slice bread (double loaf) – $4.99
Can of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup – $2.99
Flaked Tuna in water (larger can) – $2.99
900g block of medium or old cheddar – $15.00

We no longer buy the double loaf. We buy a single length loaf (about 12-14 slices) and split it between three different meals. I am a mushroom soup snob; I only use Campbell’s for certain things, this recipe being one of them. Cheese no longer gets purchased in big chunks, we only buy when we absolutely have to. We also don’t buy any of this unless it’s on sale, and in case lots. Seriously, in 2006, I could get a case of the soup for $5 on sale. Now, it never comes on sale less than $12.

I’m going to start focusing our budget towards depression meals, which is basically what I was raised on because it’s what my gran learned to cook.


Today’s recipe is what we’re having for dinner tonight (we had french toast yesterday, lol).

Mrs. Eaton’s Tuna Melts
(modified a bit)


4 slices thick cut bread (Mrs. E. used day-old hamburger buns)
1 can flaked light tuna, drained
1 can mushroom soup
1.5 c shredded cheese
salt & pepper to taste


Drain tuna well, and break up in a bowl. Stir in the mushroom soup and seasonings. Fold the shredded cheese into the mixture.

Toast 4 slices of bread lightly, then place on cookie sheet. Spread tuna mixture over top, and place under broiler at 450*, watching carefully, until cheese melts and turns golden.

Let stand for a minute before serving.

Serve with your choice of soup, but we almost always go for cream of mushroom!

Hope you enjoy…

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  • Lorna Brown said:

    Thanks Jodi Mom’s recipe lives!