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WriYe Blog Circle – January – Goals

9 February 2016 No Comment

This year the circle started as it always does, with the obligatory goals and hopes for the writing year. I’m only a whole month late, but as I’ve said so many, many times – better late than never!


What’s your Wriye Word Count goal and why did you chose it? What are you going to be focusing on this year? What are you doing differently this year compared to last year?

This year my goal is 250k. At first I halved my goal from last year, but then I thought about NaNo, and that adds 50k or more and blah blah blah…so I went with 250k. Even though I’m not expecting as much chaos in my life this year, I’d rather try a more manageable goal than to totally blow it again.

My focus this year is to complete one or more of the Jack Dawes novels, finish the Galleys Between series, and then just throw my imagination out there and see what catches.

Last year I was too distracted by things in my life that I truly had no control over. This year, a good half of those worries and distractions are gone, and what remains is now under as much control as I can have over ‘em. I won’t let my health and living arrangements keep me from reaching my goals any longer.


Set your intention for this year. Share it with us!

I intend to focus more on my work – Belfire, freelancing, and my writing – and get to the things I’ve been asked to critique or offer opinions on. I want to be more social, on and offline, as well as push some of my limits with a project BeeGirl and I have been talking about. That project also includes Coney Hutch a little bit. Or a lot. There are rabbits EVERYWHERE right now, so even if it’s just a poof of fur, the rabbits have insinuated themselves into everything.

So yeah. That’s what 2016 looks like in my imaginings. Will it happen? Kinda hope so.

’til next week

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