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Introducing: The Courting Morpheus Authors

26 October 2007 3 Comments

Introducing, The Courting Morpheus Authors

In no particular order, and no title spoilers:

M.R. Sellars
Jeff Parish
Brandon Layng
Louise Bohmer
Camille Alexa
Bruce Barber
J. Daniel Seffens
Donna M. Shelton
Nancy Kolodziej
Kevin J. Hurtack
David de Beer
Ann Tupek
Geoffrey Girard

Congratulations, folks – I look forward to months of whip…er…working with you!

Courting Morpheusthe tales of authors and their muses suffering the evil that is New Bedlam…or is it they themselves that have unleashed the evil on the town? Sleep is as elusive as the answers they seek…and the end word just won’t come.

temp cover
Courting Morpheus – August 2008 – Apex Publications

‘They couldn’t keep them confined.
Now they’re out of their minds.
The dark ones have woken.
No words can be spoken.
Before the last is bitten.
The end word must be written.’