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2009 – Kreativ Blogger Award – Thanks, BT!
Kreative Blogger Award

2009 – Honest [S]crap Award – Thanks, Kevin!

2007 – P&E Reader’s Choice Awards – Best Short Horror Category, Best Anthology*, Best Fiction Magazine

2007 – Thinking Blogger Award
Thinking Blogger Award

2006 – P&E Reader’s Choice Awards – Best Short Romance Category

2001 – Infinity Pagan/Gothic Writers Award

* – Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths was originally in the top ten, however some twit decided to complain, since he/she didn’t receive a pre-ordered copy before January 1st – and Fried! was removed. The book itself was indeed published in December, 2007. Fair? No. But, no one said life was fair. I’m leaving the anthology included.

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