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IPSTP Day – Prologue to Gabriel Fell

23 April 2007 5 Comments

In honor of International Pixel-Stained TechnoPeasant’s Day:


His eyes followed her as she moved across the park. He’d noticed before that she did not use the concrete paths that crisscrossed the green expanse between the trees – she always walked on the grass, with her sandals in her hand. Barefoot, she’d make her way from the office building on the next block, to the park, where she’d sit on a bench near the pond and eat her lunch.

She always brought an extra slice of bread to feed the swans.

He puzzled over his reaction to her. This hadn’t happened before – he came here to get away from his worries and constant bickering among his brothers. Certainly, he did not agree with the necklace she wore, and was uncomfortable with its meaning. As he was considering this, his attention was again caught by her presence; the sun dappling off the small, discreet yet undeniably viewable silver pentacle at her throat. Wrinkling his brow, he absent-mindedly toyed with his own chain and pendent, an equally discreet but obvious gold cross.

Sighing, he took a few steps toward her, and reached out with his hand.

Marielle sensed the man’s presence again. She turned, but she was alone in this section of the park, as she usually was on weekdays. Puzzled, she turned back to the impatient swan, tossing out another piece of the bread. The clock in the brick tower rang its lonely note, and she stood to return to her office. She could have sworn the man was directly in front of her, she’d almost felt a touch to her hair…

The tugging at her heart caused a catch in her breathing, almost bringing her to tears again. Shaking off the feelings of not being alone, she took a deep breath, and continued on her way.

From his vantage point, Gabriel sighed and rubbed his wrist…if only

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