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Surprise Saturday Post!

26 January 2013 One Comment

So I was going to go all “SURPRISE!” but when it’s already in the title…blah.

Anyway, here I am on a Saturday, all warm and toasty (I lie, I’m in Canada and it’s f’ing cold here right now) and I’m thinking… should I do some promotional stuff? Yeah. I think I should. If there are images – or image boxes for those that block images – they are linked offsite, so click those.

So here ya go. First up is my brother’s IndieGoGo campaign. He’s an aspiring artisan blacksmith, and he is hoping to get some proper tools, definitely a proper anvil, and a course with a master blacksmith. Details are on the campaign page, including the perk where I offer my editing services for up to 95k words, for a $100 donation. And there are two of them!

ArtistBlacksmith – Wade Martindale

My youngest brother and new-daddy-again Jordan is a freelance marketing geek with all fingers on one hand in different pots, keeping people’s web presences running smoothly. Check out his Fiverr.com offerings – get some marketing expertise for $5!

Jordan’s Fiverr

Three crazy young men (including the oldest younger brother) in the town I refer to as New Bedlam run a weird, off the cuff podcast called Clever Antidote. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a bunch of Canadian small-town 20-somethings go over current events, games, and comic books… and boobs… with plenty of NSFW language, here’s your chance. Trust me, they’re kinda funny!

Clever Antidote

And of course, I can’t mention one podcast without mentioning The Funky Werepig (miss you, Baloo!!) and After Rot (ZZ has all the best cookies!) over at TMV Cafe. Check ‘em out, Fridays and Tuesdays, respectively.

TMV Cafe

And now for some book recommendations… first up, an offer for a free download of my collection, Into a Long Ago Future!

Into a Long Ago Future – free at Smashwords!
Use code LG57N at check out.

A favorite freelance project of mine, Hissers, by Ryan C. Thomas:

In the small town of Castor, it’s the last weekend of summer break. As four friends venture to the most popular end-of-summer high school party in town, they discover it’s about to be crashed by some very unwelcome guests. Namely, a massive wave of mutated undead. It’s “The Breakfast Club” meets “Resident Evil” as the teens of Castor fight to stay alive.

The latest poetry release from Needfire, I Know What I Saw edited by Barry Napier:

Strange objects in the night sky, shadowy creatures spied from the corner of your eye, things from out of this world going bump in the night…

Barry Napier brings together a fabulous collection of mysterious writings from poets such as Jenny Blackford, Brian Rosenberger, Fern G. Z. Carr, Elizabeth R. McClellan and more, to explore the vast reaches of space, right here in our own backyard.


And some crafty/seller/fun ideas:

One of my favorite cross stitch patterns from the husband and wife team at Wee Little Pixels:

As far as supervillans go Dr. Horrible is our favourite! And since we’re not likely to be inducted into the Evil League of Evil any time soon, the next best thing is to put our evilness in to stitches. Featuring Penny, Dr. Horrible, and Captain Hammer, this quick stitch is our tribute to the musical miniseries we all love.


My Etsy store… mostly ebooks and cross stitch patterns right now, though once things settle down, I’ll be posting more stuff.


And now for a bit of fundraising/selling through Fiverr.com on my own – five of my favorite soup recipes with side and sandwich suggestions to really make them full meals!

Proceeds from the first 25 sales will go directly into the New Bedlam kitty…