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4 of 52 Weeks – Double Up!

31 January 2013 One Comment

Other than my being super-busy in the catch-up department (and ready for the inbox tomorrow!) things are pretty level around here. Well, except it’s winter.

After last winter, I’ve been spoiled. Such a nice winter with hardly any snow, no serious windchill issues… This year, it’s BLOODY, bloody darn cold around these parts, and although we had a couple of good days (still well into the negatives!) it’s been freakishly chilly. The windchill factor made the temp -44 for a bit, and with only three working baseboard heaters and two portables, that makes for nippy nights. Still better than the old oil furnace and woodstove method!

It also makes for creative ways to keep warm, including putting catnip on the carpet below the desk. See – Milo gets into the catnip, but he’s too lazy to freak out on it, so he just kinda lays there. That’s when my frozen toes wiggle their way under his belly, and furry, fuzzy warmth. Occasionally there’s a purry chirp, but other than that, he’s pretty still.

I’ve had some time to sort out the file mess that my New Pagan Family series is in. I’d hoped to have the files sorted, fixed and put together to release this weekend, but there’s just no way. It’s going to be at least another two, if not three, weeks. These are simple, 26+ pages of info and activities! How on earth simple transfers screwed the files up, I dunno. Frustrating, especially when some wonderful folks have been emailing about the series, wondering how it’s coming along. I keep saying, hopefully soon!

Seems like it’s all on back-log, so to speak. Makes me want to ARGH at the top of my lungs, but also makes me dig in my heels that little bit more. So, soon.

We’re coming up to Imbolc, this weekend in fact. This the first year in a while that we’re actually doing something full-on. Usually it’s coffee with half the group one weekend evening sometime around Imbolc-ish time. There are actual plans this time! Ribs, rice, veg & salad, a surprise dessert, and candles. Lots of candles!

Care has been busy going over figures and fussing about money and loans for college in the fall. She worked it out pretty tight, and she’s going to need just under $18k for two years. I think that includes her residence and caf fees, but I’m not sure. I wish there was a way for all of us to go up there while she’s on course (because there’s also a great commercial cooking course that I know Rhia is interested in), but I can’t see getting housing for the entire family, including fur-babies, for that long. Plus, when she’s done, there’d be no where to come back to.

Not to mention, I’m kind of looking forward to having some quiet… just don’t tell the girls! Particularly if she gets a new Xbox in the summer, and leaves the old one here. I’ll be Total Miner’ing all the time, not just when there’s a controller free. <|;^) The girls and I made a short trip to the next town over to visit with my cousin and her kids, first time we've gone to see them in over a decade. They've been here in the past few months, but we hadn't gone over there yet. It's really good to get in touch with them again. And the baby is so cute! Our grandma (his great-great!) would've been thrilled to have another ginger-baby! I think that's it for this post. I promise, the next one will be more exciting - mwahahahaha... Have a crazy, creative week everyone! JL

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