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10 of 52 Weeks – Nesting

13 March 2013 No Comment

For the past week, I’ve felt an urge to get my house in order. I don’t mean just tidied up and jump-starting the spring cleaning, I mean – IN ORDER.

Capitals. Bold emphasis. I usually leave these things up to Care while I focus on work and writing. I just don’t feel the urge to clean, most days, let alone anything else. Recently though, it’s been near to drowning everything else. If we were moving any time soon, I could understand, but that plan fell through (laughs) so now it looks like the girls and I are stuck here until who knows when. I can’t see where that would have anything to do with the need to sort and downsize.

I do have to wonder if it has anything to do with the recent upswing in spirit activity in the house. Care’s elemental is quite busy, running all over. My shadowy spirit person is shadowing closer than normal. Relatives are pressing in on all sides, coming in for tea during our sleeping hours.

It was pretty bad the other night. Cats were scootching all over the house, hissing, fur puffed out. Dogs were growling low, sometimes woofing. Twice, we heard the door open and close. Between those two times, I drifted into a light, semi-lucid state. My cousin and I were having coffee with our grandfather, and he was explaining how he was sorry he’d had to go, but he missed her terribly, and felt he couldn’t go on. We tried to say that it was okay, and then I heard the door close the second time, and I woke up crying. A lot of these dreams lately, they’re really too strong. I don’t know how my aunt survived into her 90s with this, if it built all through her life as it has mine.

*sigh* The thing is, I know Gramps is not really gone. Yes he’s dead, he died in 2003. But I know my grandfather is around the house. His smells, some of his quirks, we experience them almost daily, though he visits Rhia, mostly. Gran has been all up in Care’s business the last while, as she’s learning to knit and Gran was a great knitter. The uncles, the aunt – they split their time amongst all of us, I’m sure. I know we’ve felt/seen them at both brothers’ homes, my cousin’s, occasionally in the RAV when we’re going to town. I felt Gramps pretty strong out in the garage the day Jay was working on the RAV’s suspension. He always did like to keep an eye on my ex… lol.

I have to wonder, do they know something we don’t? Is there something on the horizon that we’ve yet to hear of or see for ourselves?

As I’ve confused myself, I’m pretty sure I’ve confused you all.

Definitely something I will ponder while I sort, downsize and clean, clean, clean!

I just want to add that I recently found out an old friend had passed away. His last visit out, one I missed, was made only months before he died. I remember him well from one of the first times I’d spent time with him; jeans, jean jacket, cowboy or motorcycle boots of some sort. Longish, sort of mullet-y (hey, it was the 80s!) wavy blond hair, sparkly blue eyes. Norm was gorgeous, and I could never quite believe he’d want to be hanging around chubby, frumpy me. Still, we became really good friends and almost more than that. Oh, the road trips we took! So many great memories, so much fun. So much time lost, when we lost touch.

Three years ago, I was waiting in the Timmie’s parking lot while the girls ran in for coffees and wraps or croissants. I saw Care turn and glance out the window at me, so I waved. She got this weird look on her face, and turned away.

When she came out, she double-checked the back seat of the RAV. She’d seen a man in jeans and jean jacket, longish light-colored wavy hair, get in and sit behind me.

For three years, we’ve struggled to figure out who this spirit was, one who is almost always most felt and seen when we’re on a road trip. It never occurred to me, to show Care a picture of Norm. It never occurred to me that the person I counted my best friend for so long would be gone.

And yet, he’s still here, going on road trips with me again.

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Have a fantastically funky week, folks!

<3 JL

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