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Writersphere – Prompt 6-20-13

20 June 2013 No Comment

Another journaling prompt this week folks, a little closer look at ourselves, and our personal relationships.

Consider the ways you seek validation and approval from an external source, and whether they are truly healthy or not. How does this validation make you feel?

To whom do you turn; do you have a friend, family member, or colleague you can always count on to appreciate you or your efforts?

Who do you wish you could count on?

Do you know who counts on you?

Deep thinking ahead…

Until next week, keep it creative!
<3 JL


Still my favorite Zoe E. Whitten stories to date, The Life and Death of a Sex Doll is not what it sounds like. In fact, it’s a futuristic coming of age story, following the creation and building of an artificial family, exploring what it means to be a parent, even if the child isn’t real.

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