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32 of 52 Weeks – Insanity, Thy Name is Words

13 August 2013 No Comment

•*☆*•.¸¸.•*☆*• HOORAY •*☆*•.¸¸.•*☆*•

Delightful little things, letters. Smash them together, and occasionally they form words. Put enough words together and you may have a story. Put enough stories together and you might have a novel, or a collection, or…

You may just have completed your first goal for the year. As of this morning at 5:30, I’ve written six new short stories this year. To be honest, I’ve written them since July 15th, and one is co-written. I’ve also got a longer-short which could very well turn into a novella. The idea is expanding and the world is growing… I’m hopeful.

I’m also approaching my goal for AugNo a little faster than I’d anticipated. Here’s the rub, while I’m celebrating my writing and goals being met, I’m also a wee bit behind in the editing department. I’m currently transcribing edits for a Belfire novel, waiting on file approvals for a new release, worrying about a cover that needs art and I haven’t heard from the artist whether or not he’s taking the job, and am just starting a freelance job that should go six weeks, possibly longer. Not to mention the oft-mentioned but not yet completed Return to New Bedlam (production has been stalled while we wait for Belfire titles to clear the queue). ARGH! Stuff keeps coming along…

So, I turn to you, dear readers, as I do so often. Should I change my goals; go from 6 to perhaps 12 for short stories, and perhaps 30k instead of 20k for AugNo? The other option is to wait for October and do warm-ups for NaNoWriMo.

Please, comment below, or choose yes or no in the poll in the sidebar. I know it asks if you can see it, but it’s still a yes, no, maybe question. Go for it.

‘Til next week… keep it creative!
<3 JL

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