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Writersphere – Prompts – 1-9-14

9 January 2014 No Comment

Personal prompts for journalling, little quotes or teasers prompting for fiction writing, and visual/auditory posts have made up the Writersphere prompts in the past, and I’ve decided to have one of each per post, rather than one or the other.

This week, I’ve selected the following from my growing list of ideas!

For Journalling:
Did you make resolutions this year? If so, how have they shaped the first week of 2014? Has it been a struggle, or been relatively easy?

For Fiction:
If you’ve hit a stumbling block in your story – anything from flash to novel length – write a post from a character’s perspective. Sit down and do a simple journal post from his or her daily life, something completely out of the storyline, but still with the character.


these chords are old but by wakemeupinlondon on deviantART

Use the imagery to work a story, no more than 2500 words. Where is this girl going? Where has she been? Is she escaping from or running to something/someone/somewhere?

As always, if you post it online, feel free to come back and share a link in the comments section!

’til next week…
<3 JL

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