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4 of 52 Weeks – Planning for February

28 January 2014 No Comment

January was a busy month, as much for my own writing, as getting Belfire and my client sorted out. We may actually have a path forward now that the snow drifts are out of the way!

I participated in eight challenges so far, with one more to go. Of those nine in total, I’ve completed six; one is ongoing through February, one finishes on the 31st and one is running only this Friday. I’m hoping to see another 2500 words by Friday at midnight, which will put my count for January a secure 10k over the set monthly goal, and get me almost halfway through Lost Canyon.

It would not surprise me in the least if 80% of those words are crap, but you know what? They’re words, and I can go back and fix ‘em when it comes time. Just getting them out, for now, is good enough for me.

For February, I’ve pencilled in almost as many challenges, including the Break out of Your Box challenge (writing something totally out of genre). That’s my Lost Canyon project, and by the 28th, I’d like to have it at least hit the word count goal, if not break through.

The rest are much the same as this month, only for February. Consistency, Genre Stretch, WriDay, Full Moon and 5k Weekend… and despite the month being three days shy of full, I’m sticking to my goal of 25k. If I could do it in 14 days this month, why not 28 next month? Exactly. I can. Of course, I’ll have to hit #writeclub every Friday! <|;^) I’m currently taking on new clients, as well. I’m booking into March and April; spaces include one edit, one book packaging and two covers per month. Hover over the Freelance Services in the menu above and select your choice. As always, all past client projects and new clients ordering more than one service receive 10% off. That’s it for my Tuesday… I’ve got a WriYe Blogger Circle post coming up on Friday, so stop by to watch me debate myself on the pros and cons of planning or pantsing! ’til then… <3 JL

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