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Market Monday – Bloody Monday

18 August 2014 No Comment

Ganked shamelessly from Belfire Press…

At long last, we are beyond the moon to announce that Christine Morgan’s next novel, a non-sparkly vampire novel, is available for pre-ordering!

HisBloodVampires. Vicious, hungry, soulless monsters. With an aversion to crosses… but not for the reasons traditional lore would have us believe.

The truth has been twisted, hidden, buried by over two thousand years of misinformation, conspiracy, and spin.

Now a brilliant scientist who’s also a religious fanatic is determined to bring about humanity’s salvation by whatever means necessary… with an innocent young woman at the heart of his plans… and no idea of the horrors he’s about to unleash.

An ancient secret society faces a renewal of their age-old battle against the undead… with the sole survivor of a massacre as the only witness to the theft of an artifact that could mean the end of everything they’ve fought for.

Behold the power, and peril, of HIS BLOOD.

From now until August 28th, you can pre-order His Blood through Belfire Press – in either print or digital formats – as well as for the Kindle format at Amazon.

Remember, pre-ordering from us gives you 25% off, plus a chance to win your order as part of our regular giveaway!

As a bonus, Christine has agreed to give away a free digital copy of her first novel with Belfire – The Horned Ones: Cornucopia with each verified and completed pre-order!

What are you waiting for? Believe me, you don’t want to wait around ’til dark when you’re all alone…

’til next week!
<3 JL

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