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WriYe Blogging Circle – NaNo Edition 5

30 November 2014 No Comment

Today’s the day folks, the last few hours or minutes to finish your NaNovel and get it verified to win NaNoWriMo 2014.

If you’ve already turned purple, CONGRATULATIONS & CONFETTI BOMBS! If not, here, take the confetti bomb and set it off when you do get to 50k, even if it isn’t by midnight tonight.

November 24-30

My main character (Jack) is distracted by a misbehaving love interest (Shay) who isn’t quite understanding why she’s behaving badly, only that she is.

I think she’s being manipulated by a jealous Ma’at, or something. Anyway, things are moving to a resolution of the subplot, and one for the main plot.

Or will it be finished?

*evil snerk*

Since I’ve taken the last couple days or so to just rebuild my brain and let the characters stew in their own juices, this is actually my word count as of the 26th, when I finished the last of my November challenges for WriYe. I won’t be adding to it today, anyway, lol.

Word Count as of midnight, Nov. 30: 52,621


Healy didn’t argue with him. Jack laid out his theory, and the other man sat there, chin on steepled fingers, listening intently. That one of the DG or the others was working for Serena McClane was almost unimaginable. Almost.

Jack realized for Healy it would be unimaginable. He didn’t care, he was sure of it. The man that had run into them on the road had been driving a car that could just as easily have belonged to someone at the compound. That man could have faked driving off; Jack had blacked out at one point. The man could have circled back and done something to them.

Even Doctor Hall wasn’t beyond his suspicions at this stage. Something was wrong with Shay, and he knew it. He didn’t care if Healy or Angel or Darcy didn’t believe him. They didn’t know her like he did. They didn’t know that she just never cried. She became cold and methodical when she was upset or scared. She didn’t cry.


Healy leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. “I don’t know, Jack. It’s all pretty far-fetched. One of our guys? Really?”

“You’ve got Winston James on the inside, don’t you? How do you know he’s not playing both sides against the middle?”

“There’s no way.”

“There is every way, Healy. Think about it for a minute. You know as well as I do that there have been those among us in the past that have decided to move past our curse by influencing current affairs, becoming rich, powerful. We’ve had to go after them ourselves at times. I wouldn’t put it past any of ‘em.”

“Jack, you’re becoming truly paranoid! Winston may be scum, but he’s not entirely without honour.”

Jack rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to argue the point, Healy. Shay is different. She’s…emotional. Making rash decisions. Being far more impulsive than she normally is.” And that was saying something, considering the girl would take off without any money or extra clothes on a moments notice, at any time.

“Fine, I’ll give it some consideration, do some digging, see what comes up. In the meantime, we got some information since you two took off last night.” Healy stood, walking to the front of his desk and leaning against it. “Jeremy and his wife left New Bedlam yesterday afternoon. Drained their accounts, sold the shares in McClane Holdings to James, and disappeared. What my man says is that he returned to the main house in the morning, had it out with Serena over something rather explosive, and when he got home, Liz was ready to go, suitcases packed, children in tow.”

“That puts a kink in your plans, doesn’t it?”

“That it does, Jack-o. That it does. The interesting thing, I thought, was the little girl that was with them. Our man finally got a good look at her, and not just a good look. A good photo to hand in, too.” Healy reached behind him to the folder on the desk, and handed it to Jack.

He was curious, admittedly, but when he opened the folder, he nearly dropped everything.

The little girl in the photo was a dead ringer for Angel when she was that age. He’d seen enough pictures of her, and now seeing this little girl…

“She’s Angel’s daughter, isn’t she?”

“We can’t prove it without having her in custody to run a DNA test. I mean, the McClane genes are strong, and Jeremy was the closest in looks to Micheline. This child could be his, but it most certainly is not his wife’s biological child.”

“Liz was the one who couldn’t have children, right? So they adopted?”

Healy nodded. “They’ve got three boys, one of whom I believe is Serena’s biological child. He looks just like her, but the personality is on the other side of the scale. That boy is angelic, from all I’ve heard. And then they’ve got this little girl. No one can remember them adopting her, though. Five or six years ago, there she was, about two, maybe three years old.”

Jack knew this was going to throw a big wrench into the works. Between the issue with Shay, and this little girl possibly being Angel’s daughter, they were being thrown curve balls that could knock them off course.

“Who else knows about this? Does Darcy know yet?”

“Our man at the McClane house, he’s a gardener that works both yards. Not James’, just the main house and Jeremy’s. He knows, obviously, and myself and you. That’s it.”

“Let’s keep it that way. If Angel finds out about this, it could give her another reason to interrupt what needs to be done by getting in the way to do it herself. Right now, she’s happy enough just sitting on the sideline and watching as the McClane family dies around her.”

“Definitely not like her sister, then.”

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