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52 of 52 Weeks – Happy Holidays 4

26 December 2014 One Comment

Here we are, at the last of the 52 Weeks posts for 2014. I didn’t think I was going to make it, and without that little ‘missing week’ cheat, I wouldn’t have. It’s been a hard year, but one with so many moves forward, I’m almost sad to see it go.

Every year at this time, I make a list of my writing and publishing goals for the year. I think most people who ‘have to’ write do this on some level or other. There are always plans lurking in the backs of our minds, I’m sure. Some of us just use our blogs to set them into, er, cyber-stone?

I’ve given up on a few of the goals from last year, mostly because hey, come on, it’s the 26th of December… but also, I found myself not wanting to rush anything this year. While I’ve done a lot of writing and revision, I’m not ready to put it out there. So I’ve not done any submissions this year, except two. One was published in September, and the other will be published in February 2015. The rest of the shorts and other works I’ve done this year? Mine, for now.

Moving forward, I have some lofty goals for 2015. Publication takes a very small role, though I’ve set a goal of twelve submissions over the year.

I will continue to participate in NaNoWriYe this coming year, and I’ve already signed up with a year-long goal of 400k words. It’s obviously do-able; I missed two and a half months of goals this year, and still made 60k+ over my goal of 300k. I’ll dive into the monthly challenges, probably the same ones I have been thus far, as well as some other challenges through WriYe that I’ve found fun. I will make those committments and keep to them. Although JulNo and AugNo have folded, I feel the community at WriYe will continue the idea behind them throughout the year.

Here’s a break down that’ll soon be posted to my Stats & WriYe pages.

For Completion in 2015:

Novel: New Bedlam
Novel: Two for Joy
Novel: Into the Mirror/Three for a Girl
Novel: Four for a Boy
Novella: Awake
Novella: Creepypasta tba
Series: Galleys Between 5
Series: Galleys Between 6
Non-Fic: Creating New Pagan Family Traditions print expansion

Work on in 2015:

Novel: The Big Blue Shirt
Novel: Damage Done
Novel: Windygates
Non-Fic: New Pagan Family Pot Luck

Year-Long Goals:

2015 Word Count Goal: 000,000 / 400,000
Finished WiP: 0 / 6
New Shorts: 0 / 12
Submissions: 0 / 12

There will also be a month by month breakdown on the WriYe page, much as there has been this year, but instead of a rainbow, it’ll go by traditional (ish?) colors for the months.

One thing I can say for WriYe, the group has kept me accountable for my time spent writing, and their encouragement has been outstanding and so welcome! I’d forgotten what it was like to have such a great group to turn to. I only hope I’ve been there for them, too.

Good luck in 2015 yourselves; get those word goals set! That’s the first step to success, right there. Do you think about goals for the coming year as the end of December approaches? Do you plan out your year ahead of time, setting aside specific months to work on specific projects? I’d love to stop by your blog if you do, so please share your 2015 plans post below.

’til next year…
<3 JL