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WriYe Blogging Circle – Speedy or No?

16 December 2014 No Comment

It’s another catch-up blog post for the WriYe Blogging Circle! This time, we’re focusing on speed, and whether or not we haz it. Or dooze it. Does it? This really isn’t looking good for my editorial skills is it… I blame being around a dyslexic apiarist too much lately!

Speed Writing

How fast do your first drafts go? Do they take you a year? A month? Is your speed more of a NaNoWriMo style writing or trying to nail down each word perfectly the first time? What suffers because of your speed?

Bonus: What was your shortest novel? Your longest? And what was the main problem in each?

My first drafts go as fast as the story allows. I often use my dreams for inspiration, and some stories unfold over time, so my speed varies. Galleys Between comes and goes, so the series has had a year between releases. The Jack Dawes series is taking its sweet time, but has finally shown me the first novel, part of the second, and that I’ve been writing the third for some time, I just need to switch the focus up a bit.

Short stories are different. If I can hit on a good thought for one, and run with it, I can have a first draft done in an hour or two, with a rough second draft an hour or so after that. Finalized, submission-ready versions usually take a week. Unless I decide to sit on ‘em or trunk ‘em until I feel the need to work on ‘em. I don’t always pump out the shorts that fast (erm, minds out of the gutter people!) but there have been occasions. Like, Last WriYer Standing. A couple of those stories were right there, on the spot, and came out in nearly pristine condition (okay, or so I thought at the time, sheesh). Others took until nearly deadline time to get dragged out, kicking, screaming and fighting all the way.

I’ve only completely finished one novel, and we don’t talk about it. Ever. It never happened. So shush.

My novellas on the other hand, I’ve got several complete, and they’re mostly around the 10k-15k mark. Galleys Between have been the best, and most fun to write so far!

The biggest problem I have is losing steam around the half-way mark. Even with the novellas, I start to drift. That’s why I have more than one project on the go at one time, and when things get really hairy, I turn from fiction entirely and either freelance edit or work on Belfire projects exclusively for a bit. Clears my head, gives me a taste of the real world, and then I can get back to my own.

That’s it for this one, see you next week!
<3 JL PS - I've just finished the fourth title in the Galleys Between series and it should be available in mid to late January. I’ve bundled the first three, plus a bonus, into a single file, and it is available exclusively at Etsy!

Click through – Galleys Between

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