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Market Monday – A Blaze of Belfire

29 December 2014 No Comment

Belfire has been a large part of my life for the last five years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but it has.

This year has been particularly difficult, with my absence for several months, KU taking a chunk out of us, then a hacking and email issues. Today we’re finalizing the switch-over to a new account to work from, so things should – knock on every piece of wood in sight – start ticking along.

While I can’t promote every title in this post, here are a few of the older and our latest release. 2015 has a few more fabulous titles to present, so keep your eyes peeled!

Late starter Liam Corchoran struggles with college from the beginning. He’s used to a life fueled by books and early morning chores, not alcohol and sex. His roommate is a cocky city kid he couldn’t be less interested in, his best friend and family are a hundred miles away, and he’s ever so emo about life in general. His roommate Gianni Fiorenza never struggles with anything but boredom: the chief difficulty in the life of a vicious, century old vampire. He’d expected this College Experiment to keep him amused for at least a semester, but after a barely month he’s ready to fling himself into Lake Erie. It begins as pure entertainment, a provisional friendship. Then it turns into a challenge. Then something like love, at times indistinguishable from hate. It’s a love story for monsters, and the beginning of something that will affect their lives, families, friends, and world forever. Which, for a vampire, is a hell of a long time.

Elizabeth Michelle Aster is having a bad day. She set fire to her kitchen. She accidentally killed her canary. She lost her job. She lost her girlfriend. No wonder people call her Diz-Aster. It couldn’t get any worse. Could it? It can. She hires a guy to murder her, but ‘Bullwinkle’ bungles the job, yet he just keeps trying in one botch-up after another. The ghost of her dead canary is haunting her, and talking to her with a Spanish accent. The mysterious new woman in her life is a bit off herself, and definitely not what she seems. It can’t get any worse than that. At least she still has her collection of Converse Chuck Taylors. Right?

Bridget “Breezy” Flanagan has escaped the potato famine in Ireland, running away from a promise she refuses to keep. She never reckons on what she’ll find in the Colonies… but knows it couldn’t be any worse than what she’s left behind. Armsted Driver is a man still grieving the death of his wife and son when Breezy arrives on his doortstep. Her audacious behavor and long, wild red hair drive him to distraction, and it isn’t long before the two can’t stop rubbing each other the wrong way… When Breezy’s troubles follow her across the ocean and steal her away against her wishes, will Armsted realize what he could lose before it’s too late?

In the waning days of WWII, the Nazis succeeded in creating the ultimate fighters, werewolves. Viktor Huelen escaped capture and made his way to America, where he lived for years undetected…until now.

In present day Detroit, Huelen is being blackmailed into sharing his dark gift with a group of college kids. Jack is an Ojibwa shapeshifter…

…and the only thing that stands between the werewolves and world domination.

The haphazard unearthing of this stone relic, hidden from history, strips the townsfolk of their daily facade and forces them to confront their secret lives. As one brother searches for answers to his father’s recent suicide and the other searches for relief from a decade of guilt, the deputy begins to draw lines connecting them both to her own obsession. And all the while, the birth of an ancient evil looms just on the horizon.

Will any of them see beyond their own problems in time to stop the most prominent sign of the end-times, or will they fall victim to their history and emotions as the world transitions to a thousand years of darkness? This is how the end begins, not with politicians and soldiers, but with the quiet destruction of a little town in Southeastern Ohio. This is the second coming, but it’s not Jesus returning, and no one’s getting saved.

With a careful weaving of blasphemy and reverence, depravity and romance, Saruel, a fallen angel, tells his tragic tale. He was there when the stars were born. His eyes saw the walls and gates of Heaven. He beheld the splendor of the Cherubim and the grandeur of the almighty, and witnessed the beauty of planets without number, worlds without end. To Saruel, none of these sights compared to Marah, the woman he loved. Saruel learns of Earth’s imminent destruction by the soon coming flood, forcing him to choose between Heaven and the life of the maiden he desires. Is love a sin worthy of Hell? Can a devil know such love?

’til next time, whenever that may be!
<3 JL

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