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3 of 52 Weeks – Courage, Camille!

19 January 2015 No Comment

After a Friday and weekend of pouting, mostly offline, here I am. A little the worse for wear, a little snarky, a little miffed… but still here.

Because here is where I’m supposed to be, right?

Well, online yes, this is my home. The girls and I have been living in a monster of a mess of a house for the last nearly 9 years – the LONGEST I’ve ever lived in one place in my entire life. Yes, seriously.

On Thursday evening, Carrie put an offer on a house here in town, and within a couple of hours, it was declined. We’re awed that in for a couple of months the house has been de-listed, and it sounded like we were the only folks interested before hand. Now? Yeah. Someone else swooped in just as we were finally able to make our move. Figures, doesn’t it?

So we (more me) have been pouting since then. There are still other houses in town that are for sale, but mostly out of our price range. There is one not too far away that is IN the range, but it needs a new foundation and heating system AND the well isn’t good enough to drink or cook from. There were other issues as well, but I chose to play dumb instead of adding them to our list of problems with the place. I don’t think the owner is willing to go as low as we’d need to, to cover all those bases. The house itself is freaking everything we’d love to have, but…

All we ask is somewhere sound, with good water and sewer options, decent heating & electrical, and enough space for what we have.

*Sigh* – as my dear friend Lorna would say – “Courage, Camille!”

Also, I’m at my desk this week, so if you’re looking for Belfire or editing info, shoot me a message. Gotta get my eyes back to work!

’til next week,

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