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8 of 52 Weeks – There’s the Shoe…

24 February 2015 No Comment

Of course everything was going too smoothly. I should know better. I should have realized – and now my temper is less than a micro-second away from snapping, and I frankly don’t think I should be held responsible for my actions.

The seller bald-faced lied to us about many things. Thanks to some well-meaning friends and neighbors, we’ve been informed about this woman quite well – since we started letting folks what house we offered on.

She has a criminal fraud record. According to the former owner, she defrauded him of the very house we’re supposed to be buying. According to not only him but others as well, she lied about who had done the work on the house. She’s never going to be out one good-god-damn cent if we back out, because she’s not the one that put the money into it to begin with.

I’m so very, very done with this mess, and I’m heartbroken for BeeGirl. This was the house she wanted. Hell, I kinda wanted, too. I mean – the massive kitchen alone!

Right now, with everything that’s going on with that, I’m a little wee bit out of sorts and only barely holding it together, honestly. Even my SUPERBLY FANTASTIC HAPPY news today pales and I can’t feel the happy I know I would if everything else was fine.

I’ve been approved for the drug treatment sessions, and I start this week, tomorrow, probably. In a few weeks, I should be noticing less and less symptoms from the fibroid, and hopefully it’ll shrink (wishing for it to disappear completely is probably out of the question) to where I can go off the drug in six months and not have to go back on it.

I don’t know if I’ll get posts back on track this week, but I’ll be trying tomorrow or later tonight.

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