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13 of 52 Weeks – Hop, Skip, Jump

3 April 2015 No Comment

That’s right, I appear to have skipped right over 12 and landed in week 13. It only appears so, though. 12 is hidden away elsewhere, and is completely private, available only to me. BUT… I’ll make it up to you, soon.

Writing has been going well, in fact I should be over my word limit for March (I’m setting this to post on Friday though, cuz stuff and things) and maybe catch up a little from February. Maybe. We’ll see. Thankfully my yWriter doesn’t have the same problems as Word was having!

I lost all of the edits – four times – in two files I was working on, one a freelance client and the other from Belfire. Every time I’d close the files, I’d have to start all over again. Everything saved, even with the auto-save, would be gone. Thankfully a good friend fixed the issue for me, and I’m back in business; should have both files finished soon, and I’ll take my holiday weekend to go over the edits for Galleys Between 4.

I’ve been extremely scattered the past couple of months and while I’d like to blame it all on the whole housing issue, I can’t. I level it between that, everything needing done before BeeGirl went back to work (but that didn’t happen either), the software issues I’ve been dealing with, AND that I started a new treatment last month that has, frankly, kicked my ass. My brain and my body are just not wanting to brain and body. They’re wanting to sleep or veg out and twitch. Seriously, have you ever – ever – been so exhausted you want to cry, but your body says no, you’re going to need to move or I’m going to rebel by twitching EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE FIBER EVERYWHERE.

The last time I felt like this in general, I was pregnant. The last time I craved radishes like this (I’ve eaten three pounds of radishes since last Wednesday), I was pregnant with Rhia. The last time I craved savories and meat like this, was when I was pregnant with BeeGirl. Generally, this means it’s starting to work. I go for my second treatment next week, and then once monthly until the end of August. Apparently I can start to expect the full-body pain by mid-June, but I’ve already started to combat that by upping my calcium intake a lot and potassium intake a wee bit.

And exercising. And drinking so much water! Is there an end to being thirsty? I really have to wonder. I’ve never in my life (except when being monitored by a bull of a nurse when I was on bed rest in the hospital) had to drink so much water. No fear of dehydration, anyway.

All towards getting healthy again. If it all works, I’ll be that much closer.

Back to work, see ya next week…
<3 JL

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