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15 of 52 Weeks – Down the Rabbit Hole

14 April 2015 One Comment

It’s been a busy time here; yesterday was absolutely INSANE. The rest of the week will be only marginally better, but at least I’m at my desk working for almost all of it.

Before I get into that, however, I must say that spending the day with the girls yesterday was a blast – even without sleep the night before. See, we had plans… big plans. The morning started at 6:00 when BeeGirl’s alarm went off (I was scribbling notes by the light of the tv and my Kobo cuz I didn’t want to wake her by turning on a light, lol) and she hopped into the shower. By 7:30 we were out the door and on our way to pick up AnimeGirl to drop her off at physio.

BeeGirl and I then had an hour to kill until we’d have to be at her appointment. Once that was done, we went back to pick up AnimeGirl and wait another hour for my appointment; second treatment, which went as smoothly as the first. We were all starving by the time I was finished with the doc, so we hit up our favorite Mexican/German restaurant for some noodle soup (AnimeGirl had to be different and have Somma Borscht). Wasting no time, we stopped at the TSC/Farm Store and picked up some necessities for *something* and then headed over to Carman to have the tires changed out on the truck.

By this time, BeeGirl was fussing about whether or not the bees were okay without her for one day. I kid, I kid (not really).

From there we stopped at Syl’s for a bit of lemony pink crack (very good and very addictive pink lemonade that’s been made there every summer since forever) before heading towards home… with one stop halfway.

We picked up three fuzzy mini rex – lionhead cross bunnies!! I’m pretty sure mine – Kaia – is a doe, while BeeGirl’s – Rocky – is a buck. They’ll have to be separated in a month or so. AnimeGirl kept hers – Oreo – with her, and I’m semi-sure he’s a buck. They’re likely going to be house-bunnies, and if Kaia and Rocky are different sexes, I’ll probably have them fixed. Siblings can’t – well, shouldn’t – be bred together, even for line-breeding as far as I’m concerned. Gramps was pretty specific about that, and I follow his thoughts on the matter. If Kaia is a female though, I may seek an unrelated buck so she can have at least one or two litters.

They’re still quite young, only four weeks, so all that is quite a way off yet. I don’t have pictures yet, because they’re on Carrie’s phone, but I’ll post ‘em in another post… probably Friday.

Believe me though, they’re so cute it’s almost painful. Kaia has black and brown speckles over white, with mottled ears. Rocky and Oreo are mostly black speckles over white with black ears. Some brown bits n pieces, but mostly black. And the mom! That is one beautiful rabbit. B. was awesome to meet, and has a great space for his rabbits.

The smell in the little building quickly brought to mind Gramps’ big shed, filled with happy does and buns. I had such a twinge of missing him right then, thankfully for once I managed not to tear up. <|;^) <3 JL PS - that makes it 5 cats, 1 dog, 2 rats, 1 cockatiel and 2 rabbits... for now.