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Scribbles – The Bun Buns

17 April 2015 13 Comments

As promised, here’s a look at the new additions to the family, as we say goodbye to another…

Our lovely little agouti hooded dumbo girly died sometime the morning of the 15th, just two months shy of her 3rd 2nd birthday. (I thought 3rd, but I was wrong)

When Pax – our last rat – goes, I think I’ll need some time before we get more rats. It hurts more and more every time we get a short-lifed animal. I guess that’s better than becoming immune to their passing, but… still. Time.

Happier places, happier thoughts, here are the newest additions, even if one doesn’t live here, LOL!

This is Kaia, my bun.


This is Rocky, BeeGirl’s bun.


And this is Oreo, AnimeGirl’s bun.

Aren’t they the cutest little balls of fluff you’ve ever seen? I’m not looking forward to bun-proofing the house when we move, but damn… they were too cute to leave behind, and they’re definitely not the type we want to raise for meat.

This could get awkward… <|;^) ’til next week… <3 JL